Feb 20, 2017

Questions ?? Ask away.......!!

FAQ's and so much more.....

I have been asked a few times now to include a FAQ section on my website with answers to the commonly asked questions.......

So.....here it is....

1. What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a person who is trained to officiate at a ceremony which will mark lifes milestones.

A Celebrant creates a unique ceremony every time and no two ceremonies are the same, just as no two couples are the same.

Whether your Celebrant is conducting a Wedding, A Civil Partnership Blessing, A Baby Naming Ceremony , a Vow Renewal or any other kind of ceremony, you can be guaranteed that I will work with you to create the perfect and unique ceremony that you and your loved ones deserve. The planning and creating of your celebration should be as special and enjoyable as your event itself.

2. Why choose a celebrant instead of a Registrar?

Many couples are now choosing alternative places to exchange their vows. village halls, marquees, tipis, gardens, beaches, woodlands, hillsides, on a moored boat, or on an island There is no limit as to where you can exchange your vows, a Celebrant is your only option for this type of Ceremony !!!

Your chosen venue may not have a Civil Marriage License, so therefore a Council Registrar would not be able to conduct your ceremony there....but a Celebrant can!!!

By choosing a Celebrant you are free to have exactly the type of personal bespoke ceremony you would like, at a time of your choosing,  at a place of your choosing, you will be able to have any choice of music and readings and unlike a Registrar you will have met me before the day!!!

Registrars are not permitted to incorporate spiritual or religious wording when exchanging vows. With me you have freedom to choose your words spiritual, religious or just loving exchanges.

Registrars charge a premium to conduct ceremonies anywhere other than the Registry Office. Our charges are often all inclusive regardless of your venue and the only extra you would incur would be our minimum travel expenses.

A Celebrant will write a bespoke script just for you, Registrars simply will " fill in the gaps" of a standard wedding script.

A rehearsal, if required,  close to the wedding day is included in our planning process.

You may wish to include symbolic elements within your ceremony, Ring Warming, Unity Sand, Unity Candle, Handfasting or Jumping the Broom......A Celebrant can make your day really memorable by including these personal elements.

3. Are you a qualified Celebrant?

Yes! I was trained by the UK Society of Celebrants and am a member of this organisation. They provide me with excellent on going training and any back up should this be required.

I have all required  insurances in place and these can be seen if required by your venue.

4. Is it a Humanist Ceremony?

No! I am completely independant and my scripts are able to incorporate many different ideas, be it modern, religious, secular or traditional, You may wish for very traditional vows but do not want to marry in a formal religious ceremony.

You may have different backgrounds that I can blend your beliefs into a Ceremony which will encompass your views.

Unlike a Humanist Ceremony, you may include any form of music and readings, religious or otherwise.

5. Is the Ceremony Legally Binding?

At this point, no it isnt. No matter where your ceremony takes place, you will have to register your wedding with your local council.

This is very simple and inexpensive.

The registration can take place at any time before or after your ceremony, you can even keep it completely secret from family and loved ones if you so wish! Your guests at your Celebrant Ceremony will not realise that this is any different from a usual wedding, you will still exchange vows and rings and the only difference will be that the ceremony is bespoke and much more personal to you than any other ceremony they have attended!

Some Registry offices offer registration of your wedding from as little as £46 if on a weekday.

The registration takes the form of a very basic ceremony where you must say the declaration (that you are free to marry) and the contracts (that you agree to marry). You must provide 2 witnesses. This takes as little as 5-10 minutes and I have known couples do this in thier lunch hour!!!

The rest of the service, including the exchange or rings and saying of vows will be done in your bespoke Celebrant Ceremony in front of your family and friends.

6. I have an idea........

Unlike a church or registrars wedding....anything goes!!!! Your only limit is your imagination so lets get creative!

You want your dog to carry the rings - no problem..an Owl......Yes....... Granny as your Bridesmaid - seen it before......You want to get married on a beach  - why not...

I love the process of including the wild and wacky into a ceremony, but if you want a more traditional type of ceremony that fine too...Its your day, whatever you want can be arranged.


I think that by now you will have some idea of the wide ranging opportunites that are available to you with a Celebrant Ceremony. If you want a truely personal, bespoke ceremony written and conducted just for you with no constraints on time or venue, then this is the ceremony for you.

Have a browse at the rest of my website and if you would like to have a chat, either fill in the contacts form or give me call.

Much love