Jan 23, 2018

Woofs at the Wedding

I happen to love when pets are involved in a wedding, and I’ve actually done several weddings that included dogs. There are so many ways to include dogs in weddings and make man's best friend a member of the bridal party.

Dogs can take on various roles including the ring bearer, part of the bridal party, raise a paw of support, be held instead of a flower bouquet or even be a surprise for the bride, groom or guests on the big day.

One wedding had the dog serve as a ring bearer, strutting down the aisle with a small bag in their mouth containing the wedding rings.  But…. Although this idea is super cute, I strongly advise that you don't put the real rings in the bag! During the ceremony, the best man can always pretend to remove the rings from the bag, all the while having them safely stowed in his pocket!

Couples who opt to include their dog at the wedding do so because of the bond with their furry friend. It's a no-brainer for them … it's just like having their grandmother or their mother or their sister there.

In the beginning, many venues were opposed to the idea but that is changing. Once they know that there's a pet Chaperone there with them, someone who's focused on the dog and their behaviour, health and happiness and also looking after the venue, they usually change their mind as to whether they're pet friendly or not."

Dogs, cats, and even horses can be wonderful, memorable additions to a wedding — and with proper planning; including your pet won’t leave you feeling like you’re in the doghouse on your big day.

Here are some simple rules to make your wedding woofer friendly…..

Confirm that dogs are allowed at your venue:

With everything else on your to do list, it’s very easy to forget this simple but very important step. Most venues are now dog friendly but have rules about where dogs are welcome.


Take a trip to the groomers:

You are going to look your absolute best, why not your dog too!


Determine whether your dog is suitable to have at your wedding. 

All dogs are different and some just don’t have the temperament to be a part of such a busy day. If your dog barks a lot, jumps up on people or pees on everything, it might be best to leave him at home. Maybe it’s best to express your puppy love through having a photo of our dog on the signing table.


Decide what parts of the wedding day your dog will be a part of:

Will he walk with you down the aisle, carry the rings,(See above for guidance!!!) or will he be a part of a photo session after the ceremony?


Decide who will be responsible for your dog throughout the day:

It is best to leave this responsibility to a professional such as a pre booked Wedding Dog Chaperone. I have seen too many times when a family member is bestowed the task of looking after Fido and then goes missing during the photos, speeches or even the meal as they were out walking the dog!!!


Talk to your wedding party and family members about it:

Does anyone have severe allergies or fears of dogs?



Practice any tasks he or she needs to do and in the days leading up to the wedding, introduce that new bow tie, bandana or ring pillow to his training routine.


Notify your Photographer:

Prepare your photographer to capture your pet in action. It will help your photographer prep for those unplanned moments, like when your dog leaps up to kiss you! Your pet is a huge part of your family…of course you want him to star in the photo album.


Don’t stress!!!

Have a sense of humour when your dog doesn’t do exactly what you want and be flexible when plans change unexpectedly. Your Dog’s Chaperone will be there to take care of everything!


Enjoy your day with your most favourite furry member of the family…….






Woofs at the Wedding