wedding ceremonies


Many couples are now choosing to have their own Independent Celebrant to work with them in order to have the versatility and opportunity to design their day to be unique and special to them...

To have the wedding of your dreams, in a location of your choice.

The perfect occasion which will be truly meaningful to you, your family and friends.

Your wedding ceremony is truly the most important part of your wedding day, and while you can make the reception as unique as you wish, it isn’t quite the same for your ceremony if you have to have a pre written script.

Civil ceremonies may not contain any reference to religion and this includes hymns, bible references and quotes and even songs which may indirectly refer to religion. You can of course, ask for certain words, poems and readings to be included, but you are restricted to where and when they will be included within your ceremony.

Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies allow you to completely personalise your ceremony with whatever words, poems, readings and music you choose.

A Celebrant will create a unique ceremony, which is perfectly suited just for you.

Outdoor Ceremonies

These are my speciality!! I count myself extremely lucky to be able to conduct ceremonies in our stunning British countryside

Ceremonies can be held anywhere you choose, licensed or fact some of the nicest settings are usually unlicensed!

I have conducted ceremonies on beaches, in gardens, village greens, woodlands, in barns, farms, favourite restaurants and even on a boat.

I have a wealth of experience in this area from rustic to festival, live banks and firepits, anything goes!!



All sorts of traditions can be included, and if there is a tradition that I have not heard of, panic not, I will be more than happy to research and include them in your ceremony (if it is possible).

You can light candles, scatter rose petals, release balloons or doves, have a ring ceremony, hand ceremony or sand ceremony – there are many wonderful and inspiring options for you to choose from.

It also makes no difference to a Celebrant, how many times someone has been married or what the circumstances were. Celebrant’s only care about your wedding.

The only part that must be completed either prior or indeed after your ceremony is the legal element to your wedding must be completed in a Registry Office, although it often takes less than 10 minutes and is very inexpensive to do. Most couples do this in jeans and t-shirts and they save the dressing up for the wedding ceremony, but there’s no need to worry – your guests will not know any different, unless you tell them!

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed and personalised ceremony, I would highly recommend a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony to make your wedding personal, bespoke and of course extraordinary, creating memories for yourselves and your guests......

Together we will  create a bespoke ceremony that’s unique, personal, authentic and fun. It can be as short or as long, as simple or complex as you wish - but I ensure it tells your story in a memorable and engaging way that reflects you and your personalities.

I'm a skilled and creative writer able to ask all the right questions and find just the right words to express your feelings. I spend lots of time getting to know you and your story, sharing lots of ideas, so I can create and write the most authentic and personalised ceremony possible.

And on the day, I bring your ceremony to life as well as taking charge to ensure everything ceremony-related runs smoothly.

"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."
- T. Tolis

marrying abroad


If you have chosen to get married abroad. You may wish to hold a simple ceremony in front of your family and friends on your return to the uk.

This ceremony, would take the form of a blessing where you may wish to repeat your vows  as a way to include family and friends in your celebration.

Although shorter than a Wedding Ceremony it is nontheless just as personal.

You may wish to  include elements in which to make your ceremony even more personal such as Unity Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Wine Box Ceremony or Handfasting.


renewal of vows


A ceremony renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful way to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Included as part of an anniversary party or organised as a stand-alone event, it often takes place in a location that holds happy memories for you both, at a time of your choosing.

Maybe you have experienced a difficult period and would like to renew your vows to acknowledge the strength of your relationship, or perhaps you feel your love has deepened and you would like to either reinstate your original vows or promise new vows to each other.

Whatever the reason a Renewal of Vows Ceremony provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on past experiences and share your aspirations for your future years together. It's a touching way to mark your special occasion with children, family and friends, helping you start the next chapter of your lives with a deep sense of achievement, understanding and love. 
civil partnership


I believe that every civil partnership or same-sex wedding ceremony should be as individual as the couple involved... Love is Love!

Your ceremony is an opportunity to share your future together and make a commitment in front of your family and friends.

If you would like a more romantic and personal service, a ceremony that reflects how you feel about each other, how people see you and a celebration that allows you to show your character and style, a celebrant wedding ceremony would be perfect.

Allow your imagination freedom to express and explore endless possibilities from a woodland ceremony to something more traditional. I can suggest and help you choose your vows, readings, songs and music.

I will help you through the process so you will feel confident and relaxed on your special day

"Love has no age, no limit; and no death."
- John Galsworthy

baby naming


Traditionally babies have always been baptised or christened according to the families' religion. If, like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the arrival of your child but have decided against a Christening, alternatives such as naming ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular.

If you are expecting a baby, recently had a new addition, about to complete on an adoption or welcome stepchildren into your family then the perfect way to celebrate this wonderful occasion with family and friends would be a bespoke naming ceremony...

It doesn't matter what age your child is, if you choose the Celebrant route of creating your own ceremony then siblings, family, friends and even the child can be part of this process.

The question of religion can be left up to the child for a leter date, but now you are welcoming your child into the family and giving them a chosen loved name.

The Ceremony welcomes the child into the community, celebrates his or her family and cultural connections and honours Guide Parents (Mentors, Guardians, Suporters, Promise Parents or Sponsors are all names in place of God Parents) and other significant people in the lives of the child.

The Ceremony can take place in any venue you choose...indoor or outdoor... garden, beach,boat, woodland, village green or country fact anywhere that means something special to you.

It can take place on any day, at any time...The venue does not have to be licenced in any way, nor does it have to be local.

It can include special elements, candle and sand ceremonies, hand fasting or anything that would make your bespoke Ceremony meaningful to you as a family.

It can be rustic, vintage, simple or simply fabulous!!!!!

Whatever you choose this will be a special day to make everlasting memories..

A souvenir certificate will be signed and presented during the ceremony.

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.


Adult Naming Ceremony

Adult and older children name changing ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. I can help you plan a wonderful ceremony to announce the new you to the world.

It is a wonderful opportunity to invite your friends and family to gather and help you celebrate stepping into your new name with love and commitment.

People choose to change their name for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you just want to change the spelling of your name, you don’t like the name your parents gave you, you want to get rid of your middle name, you may be marking a change of gender, you want to remove any family associations, or maybe you just want a change.  

They usually all have one thing in common, it is about announcing to your family and friends that you have made a choice….

You can legally change your first name, middle name or surname, or any combination of those via deed poll.



  • An initial meeting with you, either in person, or over the phone, to discuss your ceremony choices
  • I will ask you a series of questions which will allow me to get to know you and understand your wishes
  • If you decide I am the right person for you, I will then ask you to complete a booking form,
  • along with a £100 deposit to confirm, the balance being due 4 weeks prior to your ceremony
  • I can help to organise your legal documents for a wedding ceremony
  • Your personal ceremony will then be written individually for you
  • Access to a large collection of poems and readings for you to choose from
  • Unlimited redrafts
  • Order of Ceremony agreed
  • Friendly support, unlimited calls and emails welcomed
  • Liaison with chosen venue
  • A "walk through" rehearsal at your location of choice
  • Your bespoke Ceremony professionally conducted by myself
  • A beautiful keepsake copy of your ceremony script


Prices include travel within a 15 mile radius of PR6 then an additional charge of £1 per mile will incur.
Hotel accommodation, flights,transfers and  long distance calls are extra.